Our Vision is simple

"We run an organic property that is rejuvenating the environment. We live a full and prosperous life that has purpose. Our children and our future are our focus and priority."

Our priority areas when it comes to our livestock business are:

  • To have content, well looked after and happy cattle.
  • To use zero chemicals on our animals or land.
  • To cell-graze in order to restore our property to be a healthy environmental system that is flourishing with biodiversity.
  • We are focused on restoring the soil health through our grazing principals, organic composts, native grass species and rest.
  • We believe that by having healthy soils, we will have healthy pastures and therefore healthy livestock providing the best quality meat to our consumers.

Bailey Grazing has been producing organic beef for twelve years, however the journey began in 1996 when we became committed to improving our land. The decision to become organic graziers was a natural progression, as we became more aware of our desire to improve soil health. Our ability to produce healthy food in a healthy environment, was the catalyst to produce organic meat.


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